[EN] I’m a mentor!

23 November 2014


I’m a mentor of one great girl – Geetika Batra. How does this happen? I sent a notification for the program ‘[Learn IT, Girl](https://sites.google.com/site/learnitgirl/‘, a great idea to help young women to start their first step in programming.

What is a ‘Learn IT, Girl’

‘Learn IT, Girl’ is a mentorship, international program to help young women to become a professional software specialist. There are a few simple rules:

  • The mentor should do:

    • Give a timeline and stick to it
    • Teach what tutorials don’t
    • Teach how to debug
    • Ask a question to help reach a conclusion
    • Support decision
  • The mentor doesn’t have to do:

    • Don’t have to go through tutorials with the mentee
    • Don’t have to stick to the original plan
  • The mentor shouldn’t do

    • Don’t work on mentee projects for them
    • Don’t spam a mentee with a lot of materials
    • Don’t tell a mentee everything at once

What’s the plan for the next 3 months?

Week 1 – Get to know & Git (17 Nov – 23 Nov)

Week 2 – Syntax basics and Hello world! (24 Nov – 1 Dec)

Weeks 3-5 – Code (24 Nov – 21 Dec)

Holiday (22 Dec – 4 Jan)

Week 6 – 10 – Code & finish (5 Jan – 8 Feb)

My mentee 🙂

I’m a mentor of Geetika Barta, a smart woman that wants to learn programming with .NET and JavaScript. The application what she will create will be an Employee Manager. She will write a web site using ASP.MVC 5 connecting with MSSQL (where will stored data). In the first week, she learnt how to create an application using ASP.MVC, the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. In the second week she will learn how to create a database and started working with her own project. If you would like to see Geetika progress, please see her diary of what she learnt at her blog: http://geetikabatra.github.io/