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24th of January in Cracow took place two events, where I been at the same time.. Almost, because I don’t have yet power to be at the same place at the same time :))

First was Geek Girls Carrots meeting, what were at Pauza in Garden. At meeting was aboit 60 atendees, who come in friday evening to listen two presentation: “Technological pill 2013/2013/2014” performed by me and “AfricaHackTrip” performed by Emi Maj from WebMuses.

My presentation concerned about technological summaryof 2013 year, checked that predication of Gartner was true and what will happened in 2014 year. My presentation you can find at my SlideShare: Link 🙂 . My impresion after presentation were blended, because I wanted on one way a discussion or comments at my presentation (I don’t have always right and in IT world so many happens..). Maybe this is a place or number of people, who come to meeting and can’t talk or discusion. Anyway, from reaction of poeple I thought that the most they liked information about Internet of things and project, who was created or will create. I tried to my presentation was not to be so much technical, because at GGC come girls who love new technology, but they are not create them. I’m not sure, that information I said about creating application for Windows Phone, Android, iOS or Windows 8 in easy way (without knowing any programming language) was interesting..

Second presentation performed by Emi Maj, who joined to project AfricaHackTrip. Project was about group of people, who go to Africa to see how works IT there. And with surprise (and I think not only my) in Africa is not strenge, that women works in IT. In all big city, who they visit, were a social women group, who really loves technologies, who love programming and want to share they knowledge. Interesting for me was, that in Africa they pay by sms and everyone have more then one mobile telephone. More about this activity from website:  or just ask them via twitter: @AfricaHackTrip.

At or after Emi presentation also no-one asked about anything, so I suppose, that this place not given us a reason to in public ask about some subject 🙂

After this meeting with girls form WebMuses: Emi and Basia and Kasia from Women in Technology andGGC Wrocław quickly go to: HackKrk to company Base, where from 6 PM started codding event with beer and lecture of Maciej Aniserowicz about Nancy. Although we came late, we listen a two, short presentation of Base employee: Tomek Romaniuk, who said about który opowiedział o statelessness in C# and Barbara Fusińska who said about architecture and system architect. The whole event was about not only a great fun, coding ship game and win a toy tank 🙂 – there was also a interview to (apparently the best in Cracow) StartUp – Base.

About unoficial part I will not write, because this what happened know only people who were there :). Only i can write, that was a great time for me, where I met a new peple and also a people who I didn’t saw from the last visit in Cracow (so Wrocław is so far, far away.. ;))

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