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I had the opportunity to attend a great conference in Cambridge for the second time. Like last year, the conference joins two great events: SharePoint Saturday & SQL Saturday; And this is all because of Mark and a great team headed by Zuzana.
This year I only attended the SharePoint track and I would like to share with you what I learnt below.
The first session that I attended was a session about Test-driven Development for SharePoint and Office 365 by Bill Ayers 
In this session, I just learnt that writing a new application on SharePoint is easy, because… you don’t need to use SharePoint to build it! Of course, there are still some business needs where you need to add some application to SharePoint with the ‘old-way’. But most of the coding nowadays is creating Add-Ins, JavaScripts apps, MVC sites only hosted on SharePoint. So if you know testing frameworks for .NET, ASP.MVC, JavaScript – what else would you like to know? 😉
Microsoft also announced earlier this year a SharePoint Framework – an easy way to create web parts, debug locally without even having an installed version of SharePoint (for O365 and SharePoint2016). You can find more about SharePoint Framework here.


The next session that I joined was about why My users hate SharePoint historically, how can I make them like SharePoint Online? Francois Souyri created this session as more of a discussion, in the meantime showing the history of SharePoint. The main question was not, why users hate SharePoint, but what people who know SharePoint could do, to help others better their understand of this platform. The attendees shared what they do in their workplace, for example, weekly O365 user group meeting inside corporation or weekly session with free coffee and breakfast about ‘How to work with SharePoint’


Before lunch, I attended a session: The state of SharePoint Hybrid deployments by Thomas Vochten. Thomas introduces what is hybrid in SharePoint. He also shows how to connect SP2016 with O365 and what kind of problems you could find. The biggest problem (limitation) in Hybrid is Search. There are still things, like: if you don’t have an internet connection your Search will not work; you have limited customization options; no dashboard off your Online Index Search health.
But Hybrid is a subject that’s worth to know about, and worth to look at what will change there in a few months.


The last session that I attended was about Building SOLID SharePoint apps in MVC by Stefano Tempesta. Stefano showed how to build an application for SharePoint using SOLID principles (Single responsibility, Open/close, Liskov substitution, Interface segregation and Dependency Injection) based on code examples. But what more can I write? All of this session, Stephano presented on his blog post: SOLID SharePoint Apps with MVC (

And my presence at this conference came to an end. I really enjoyed this day. I was happy to meet real SQL/SharePoint geeks and learnt a lot about SharePoint.
Next year I’ll be back for sure. Maybe finally I will be back with a new role as Mark, and also Uwe, asked me. Lets’ see ☺

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