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I used to blogging about technology and events years ago – when I started doing my first steps in the dev world. And a lot of changes in my life happened so quickly that I stopped doing something that makes me fun. So here I’m back again with some post/ideas I want to share, technology I use, and anything that will come to my head and will relevant to my professional life.

For was looking for the blog engine that will be not too heavy (like WordPress) and allow me to use technology I know. And with the help came Carol with Gatsby – a React website/blog engine. I give it a try, and here I am with the new, fresh site.

Of course – there a lot of improvement needs to come to this site. But how they say – better is done than perfect. So new pages, categories, tags etc. will come slowly to this website. But before that, I will focus on this that I want to do – creating posts about technology I use, I love, or I just give a try.

On this blog, I will focus on AI, Azure, JavaScript (React, TypeScript), .NET, Tech Events and anything that will come to my tech life that I will want to share.

Stay tuned!

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