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Almost two month ago in Cracow been a third edition of conference for programmers in Poland – DEVDAY2013. The sposnsor of this event was a company ABB and everything created by two employee of this them: Michał Śliwoń and Rafał Legiędź and whole team Debugging Crew.

The conference was free. Only what need to do, to be at this conference was a write few words, why you need to be there. And there was not only write “because that”, because there was people who really read all apllication and get a people who love comunnity, knowladge (not only get it, but also share) and integration. But in conference is a only target to listen speach and nnothing else?
For introvert was also something: a pieces of paper what I show below, what everyone can fill and just started a conversation about some subject 🙂

DevDay09 DevDay01 DevDay02Devday03 Devday04 DevDay05 Devday06 DevDay07 Devday08

Just before conference, week by week, the organizers make available information about speakers, who came at conference.
The people who invite to join conference was:
Hadi Hari from Ocean
Dariusz Dziuk from Spotify
Marco Cecconi and StackOverflow 
Dino Esposito and a website in multiple device
Ben Hall and startups
Andreas Håkansson and Guerilla Framework
Jon Skeet with Tony the Pony 
Itamar Syn-Hershko andLucene

And how was at DevDay? Shortly you can see at summary movie about DevDay2013
All session are also recorder, so everyone who was or not can see it:
Jon Skeet – “Back to basics: the mess we’ve made of our fundamental data types”  {twitter}
Patrick Kua – “Implementing Continuous Delivery”  {twitter}
Dariusz Dziuk – “Scaling Agile”  {twitter}
Andreas Håkansson – “Guerilla Framework Design”  {twitter}
Tiberiu Covaci – “SPA Made Breezy” {twitter}
Hadi Hariri – “Moving the Web to the client”  {twitter}
Ben Hall – “Building Startups and Minimum Viable Products”  {twitter}
Itamar Syn Hershko – “Full-text search with Lucene and neat things you can do with it” {twitter}
Paul Stack – “Windows – Having its ass kicked by Puppet and PowerShell Since 2012”  {twitter}
Marco Cecconi – “The Architecture of StackOverflow” {twitter}
Dino Esposito – “Mobile is over: Start Planning Multi-Device Web sites today”  {twitter}
Rob Ashton – “The software journeyman’s guide to being homeless and jobless”  {twitter}

But at all conference the most important is networking, networking and.. networking. And thats why I had able to meet people from dev-society from all different place in Poland, meet people who let know last year or talk a little with speakers! The talks at afterparty was so many with a very good foods. who will think that at free conference was given a foods with differentkind of cheese, meat or fish Kto by pomyślał, aby na darmowej konferencji były podane różnego rodzaju przekąski serowe, mięsne, rybne just taken from banquet halls?

But don’t think that DevDay will make a forget about themselves too easy. After conference at twitter was a brainstroming, what is needed to change, add, remove, who need to be a speaker, how to know people with who tweeting… so how you see, all ideas are nice to see for organizers.

But this is not all! If you follow a website DevDay on facebooku or ontwitter, you could (and will could) get a prize 🙂 I got a one-month free account to Pluralsight! 😀

But for me was a nicely surprise at DevDay meet my first “fan”! 🙂


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