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First meeting in new year was at 28’th January in SII headquarters, at 25’th floor of SkyTower (the highest build in Poland :)) . At meeting was invited Basia Fusińska, who come from Cracow to said us about Windows Phone from inside.

wp od środka

At her presentation Basia showed ascpects of programmers on Windows Phone, that:
– what is needed to configure developer environment,
– how to start and debug our appliaction (best in pink mobile ;))


– at what is needed attetion to design user interface – gesture that are used in Windows Phone,
– how look navigation in application on mobile,
– what are templetes for pages and controls,
– use the MVVM pattern when creating application,
– how to test application,
– how to connect with data base (and with one).

at discussion of various aspects has been demonstrated to us demo of application who connect to twitter: saw post of some users and save tweets in application. Soon you can download this appliaction from GitHub.

Betraying details (unofficial of course) Basia accepted to guide a Windows Phone workshop in May in Wrocław! 🙂


Second part was a networking. This time Kaśka Lekka show as a two games.

In first part everyone need to get a pieces of toilet paper (how much they wanted). Next everyone started to tell about their-self so much, how many pieces they had. The most had Marta, about 20.. so she told us about 20 things about her 😉

The goal of this game was shown, that how much you get from society, the same you should give back.

At next game we create two teams and everyone get a sheet of paper with some drawing. We cannot show anyone this, what we see in drawing and only describe what is there. Next we needed to create a story what is in this sheet of papers.

Pictures came from Istvan Banyai and you can see all of theme here: Zoom. The goal of this game was communication and tell other an important information, what helped to set a correct order of pictures 🙂

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