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Two weeks ago I visited Birmingham. I went there by train from Leicester (it’s about 50 miles distance) to attend a meeting ‘Tech Wednesday – Women in Tech’.

Women in Tech

What did I expect? Actually, I don’t know. I wanted to see and meet some new people, who  love technology and how community groups work in UK. Are there any community group meeting anywhere near me? Yes! There are a lot. But on East Midlands I could not find any Women in Technology group. That’s why I decided to go from East Midlands to West Midlands. The first thing I had to do after arriving to the meeting was registration. I wrote my name on a card and I stuck a two stickers to it: a red one and a star.

Women in Tech

This small think was really helpful to start a talk with new people. You saw a name on a card pinned to a person and you already knew what this person doing in professional life.

Then you had an hour of networking time with drinks and a lot of talk about technology, professional life and other interesting things.Women inTech

Session with lectures started at 7 pm. 4 women had a speeches (about 15 minutes each). All of them were about inspiration, how to follow your dreams and about just doing what you love to do and how to work and cooperate with others in IT. And it doesn’t matter what gender you are.

Women in Tech

The women who shared their experience were:

Those short stories of all those women have shown that everyone should do what they love in life. And don’t be afraid of anything.

So if you want:

  • To make a speech about what you do – do it!
  • To coding – learn it!
  • To have a fun in professional life – have a fun!

Those all women have shown that they play with their life and it’s the best what would happen.
And they have fun, they love to be an inspiration, they love to help anyone as a mentor – to help others to find their own way in IT world.

For sure I am coming for a next meeting. And if you would like to join you can find more information here: Tech Wednesday!

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