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A few weeks ago I’ve been asked to create some simple sites on SharePoint. I never before worked on SharePoint as a developer. Even as a user I uploaded only some documentation, so what I knew about SharePoint?
I only heard from other developers: ‘SharePoint development is rubbish, it’s a ‘spaghetti’ code and if you can – never touch SharePoint as a developer.’
However, I’ve liked to try new things and sometimes not listen to others before I’ll not sure that they are right or not. So I decided to look at SharePoint more deeply.
I had only 3 weeks to learn basic of SharePoint, finish the project, done some changes, transfer the project to  the maintenance department and after that enjoy my vacation with family.
And.. Project successes, business started love that SharePoint site does not look as a SharePoint and I want now more know about this huge platform.
I will focus now more about SharePoint, my preparation for MCSD: SharePoint Applications certifications and SharePoint Event.
Future events I’ll join are:
SharePoint Saturday London | 09.07.16
SharePoint Saturday Cambridge | 10.09.16
SharePoint Saturday Warsaw | 17.09.16
And I will back with posts: 3 weeks with SharePoint – my first ever project on SharePoint platform.

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