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Women in Technology meetings started again at this year in May. This time meetings are in Wrocław. But everything started because of girls who live here and they wanted to let know more about different technologies. And now we have a girls who are programmers (in .NET, C, Java, SASS T-SQL, plSQL.. etc..) But not only programmers. Here comes also girls who are administrators of data base, SharePoint or making Cisco workshops or IT teachers in school, who want to show young peoples how beautiful is IT world ;).

Till now we had 4 meetings. So:

At first meet-up we had a speech about .NET. Here I need to write a big thanks to Paweł Łukasik, who accepted my invitation to speak at 3 days before meeting was.
Second session at first WiT meeting was presentation about requirement from other site in example by company Grafton.

From second meeting we had start only one technical session and next networking. Technical session was about BigData and Ola Woźniak told us how it look from begining. At networking we had a disscutsion about presentation, making presentation and goog and bad practise, when you presenting.

The third meeting and a new sponsor, company SII Polska:

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