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Only two weeks and in Wrocław will happen the greatest event ever! One week full of meetings with technology.  And everything started at end of November..

The original idea come from Kraków, where I’ve spoke at second edition of this event. And I thought, that in Wrocław also meet a lot of user groups. But did anyone count them? Probably not. But I can. Of course not alone 🙂

So I share my idea of GeekWeekWro with Mirek who co-organize three user groups:, DDD and DRUG. I co-organize Women in Technology group in Wrocław. So we had four groups for whole technology week. But of course we know other groups: AngularJS, GeekGirlsCarrots,, PLSSUG, HackWro… Why not ask them? Maybe they will change they schedule  and create they meeting at geek week? And they loved this idea.  And some of them wanted to helped with GeekWeekWro, so now in GeekWeekWro team we had: Mirek, Magdalena, Zuzanna and of course me.

How GeekWeekWro will look like?

Every day from 19th to 23rd of January groups, who joined geek week will have their meetings. At 24th will happen HackWro – hackaton with subject: “GeekWeek for city and community”.

Groups, who already joined GeekWeekWro are:

They are more, but probably we didn’t hear of them.

All information about GeekWeekWro you can find at website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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