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ITCampRo conference started at 22nd May at 9 AM. After breakfast we saw about 400 attendee, who started drink coffee, eats foods and talk in language what I don’t understand. But with luck all tracks was in English language.
With compared to last year, this time was more technical session at 300 level and this was a 4th edition of this conference, where been invited speakers not only from Romania, but also from USA, UK, Italy or Poland.
I had a hard choice, what subject attend, but I choose and below I wrote little words about how I remember it.
Management of fear – Peter Leeson
KeyNote was started by Peter Lesson. And was really amaze! When Peter come to stage, I expected that old mad, who wear a bow tie to his suit and started with serious face will made a serious talk too. But that wasn’t. Speech was non-technical, but concern about technical aspects, business and first of all: people. People, who fear and should feel this fear, because without feeling fear people would never have achieved something. But there are so many types of fear, which can turn into hatred. But fear is needed, for example Batman scared bats, so he use his fear to do good or Steve Jobs – he scared button, so he invent device without buttons. Next Mihai and Tudor, who was founders of conference, started one session with two parts and two topics.
Security in Windows Azure – Mihai Tataran
Mihai at his part shown at what we need to look when we create our application for Windows Azure and how in easy steps hear from our web application (if this application is not on https protocol) and get concrete file, even if the file path is generate automatically by guid. WP_20140522_043
Security myths and facts in today’s IT world – Tudor Damian
Tudor at said at his presentation about facts and myths, started from basic information’s, like security are always people (their choose, knowledge etc.), but not concrete technology or conviction that buying specific product we are full protected from every attacks, viruses etc., etc.. But the most interesting was a demo, where shown why have in organization local admin is a best practice when computer is join an Active Directory. But why? Because most of people from IT are lazy, so on admins. So when admin need to change something on user computer they want to made in remote, because is so difficult to come to user. Of course admin could use remote desktop for that, but user will logout or will see every step what admin do on this computer. Best option for admin is login on user computer remotely but with way that user don’t know that someone log there. User can still work and admin can fix some problem. This is possible, when user have a local admin. WP_20140522_062
.NET Memory Primer – Martin Kulov
Martin at his session show how value and reference type are processed in the memory, where are locate, how long they live, what happened in Garbage Collection and why this all is important for our applications. How # (sharp) is your Katana? – Ciprian Jichici Ciprian shows his application which is used on production. Application was based on OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET) with ASP.NET MVC 5, WebApi 2 and Katana (Microsoft’s implementation of OWIN)
How # (sharp) is your Katana? – Ciprian Jichici
Ciprian shows his application which is used on production. Application was based on OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET) with ASP.NET MVC 5, WebApi 2 and Katana (Microsoft’s implementation of OWIN)
Developing for Windows Phone 8 – Dan Ardelean
At Dan presentation we get to know what is Windows Phone 8 and what’s new come with version Preview for Developers (Windows Phone 8.1), what giving us Visual Studio 2013 and at what you need to look when you started develop application.
30 tools for modern .Net web development in 60 minutes – Jonathan „J.” Tower
“J” at his presentation show 30 tools, what he use for web creating web application. 60 minutes is not enough to live show this all tools, so only some of them was shown like a demo.
The battle for success – Peter Leeson
Which what way to be successful? And what is a success? Of course this all is dependent at what we want in our life. Would we like to work only for one organization? Do we want to have only one type of tasks at work? Or… we want to found something new what make us happy? Because happy people are more effective and rather learn something new and on the occasion of they share knowledge. Peter at his presentation shown some needed aspects like lack of bureaucracy, leader (not manager!), and a knowledge of product, a good relation in team or continuous improvement.
Build and publish a Windows 8 Game in 1 Day, even without Windows 8 – David Giard
Within 60 minutes David build a game. Of course, before he had a graphic for game – the personage what we would like to use in his game. So with application Sciara he build a game for Windows 8.1 (and not only for Windows 8.1 – Sciara support also other platforms). The full game build in Sciara and next with Visual Studio 2013 public to Windows Store. WP_20140523_021
Busy developers’ guide to AngularJS- Tiberiu Covaci
Tibi had a basic session for people who never worked with AngularJS before. He show, how easy is use to AngularJS and what profit it give us for our applications. WP_20140523_037
Open panel discussion
At last there was a discussion panel about cloud: Microsoft Cloud. People asked about “What difference is between Microsoft Azure and Amazon Cloud?”, “What profits giving us Microsoft Azure?” or “How many companies use cloud?” WP_20140523_045
All session are now available and you could watch it on ITCamp website.

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